Kid Massive & Peyton Turn it Up a Notch with ‘A Little Louder’! OUT NOW!!!


The long wait is finally over. After months of preparation, deliberation, mastering and testing, ‘A Little Louder’ – single number 1 from Kid Massive’s debut long player – is ready to drop! With great plans and expectations in the pipeline, the Kid steps back into the limelight with the first cut from what will be a stunning debut album.

Let’s start from the top. With vocalist Peyton begging listeners to “turn things up a little louder” and Kid Massive adding the punch with his trademark funk-fused bass and blissful melodic flair, the original mix is a perfect indication of the Kid’s exceptional creativity and unmatched studio capabilities. As the delectable duo combine forces to deliver a tantalising teaser of the delights we have in store for the rest of the album, there can be no doubting that the Kid is back to his very best.

Of course there is more. An immaculate remix package from TV Rock, Muzzaik and Damian William bolsters the already impeccable original offering with healthy diversity, as each of the three leave their own unique stamp on proceedings. With build-ups and breakdowns of epic proportions aplenty, the monumental ‘TV Rock’ remix is a secret weapon sure to ‘wow’ even the most discerning of house-heads. Following this, Muzzaik leaves his own delightful interpretation as bouncing bottom lines are coupled off with whirring synths and choppy vocals. Damian William offers the final perspective as he sprinkles ‘A Little Louder’ with his distinctive proggy edge and techy gab; this wholesome package offers a slice for all. Catch the whole lot on Beatport from 20th June!

This upbeat summer anthem has class written all over it and is a worthy tone-setter for what is sure to become the must have vocal anthem of the summer!! The remixes aren’t half bad either…




About cdpeyton

From the church halls of Gods ministry comes a voice that testifies to the world of dance. Peyton may have started his walk in the footsteps of his preaching father, but his true soul soon found a voice that longs to sing beyond the pulpit. Having secured a line-up of hits on the world dance circuit since his debut single A Higher Place was released through Hed Kandi records back in 2004, Peyton has been literally been turning the world into his touring playground and building a secure fan base along the way. In just the last three years Peyton has performed in over 150 cities, in over forty countries, across six continents. With nominations for Vocalist of the Year at Londons House Music Awards under his belt, its no wonder this boy is getting so much attention.
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